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R.O.V. “The Open Void” is a boardgame with simplified role-playing game's systems for genre deviants that looks for a casual experience. This game will demand that some players have experience playing role games so they can apply that experience into The Void's universe and it's rules, that, in this case, have been adapted to his simplified format.

This is a version of 1 to 4 players that will be able to choose  Woolen, Lina, or Drillo, the crew that works and lives on "The Bitter Kahlua", the cargo ship who helped Delrhin on "RoV: Book 1". The fourth player will be the Game Master (GM). In the future, we plan to include more characters, systems, and enemies.

We did this game because of our love for fantasy and role-playing games, and we want to see you have fun with us. This simplified versiones will be free access. We hope you enjoy it very much!

Game is only available in spanish for now

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